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Set Goals, Match, Tutor, Report

1. SET GOALS: We come to your home for a free consultation. We want to understand your student‘s academic needs as well as personality and learning style. Our educational consultant will combine information from you, the school, teachers and other professionals, to create an individualized student plan and goals.

2. MATCH: We will match the best tutor for you based on academic requirements, personality, learning style, mentoring needs, geography and schedule.

3. TUTOR: Your tutor will come to your home and tutor according the goals established at the consultation. Some students decide to have homework help and a recap of concepts taught in school, and some students work on missed building blocks. Most of our parents decide to have a combination of the two.

4. REPORT: Session reports will be sent to your email address for each tutoring session. These reports help parents stay in tune with how their student is progressing.

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Our Tutors:

Qualified, Passionate, and Ready to Help

All of our tutors are extremely well-qualified to help your student achieve success and each one completes an annual background check. Many of our tutors are certified teachers; however, others are professionals working in their field of academic expertise; and some are exceptionally qualified university/college students or recent graduates. The one element that all of our tutors share is that they are all passionate about their students' success.

Additionally, our tutors perform as "Academic Coaches" to:
  1. Build and reinforce academic foundations in a manner that increases confidence and self-esteem. In the same way athletes must first master the fundamentals of their sport, our tutors work to help students master academic fundamentals to the point where they are instinctive.
  2. Motivate your student to sustain their performance at a higher level. Our tutors will work on effective study skills; introduce learning strategies; help your student with discipline and focus; and motivate them to consistently achieve at a higher level.
  3. Help your student get ahead in their studies. Our goal is to help your student consistently overcome the challenges of academics and we don't want them to be satisfied with the easy victories - we want them to defeat the toughest challenges they face!
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We do many kinds of Tutoring:
  • SPECIAL NEEDS: Autism, Learning differences/challenges
  • EXAM PREP: SAT, SSAT, ACT, Finals, GED, other.
  • ESL (English as a Second Language)